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Agra City Brief


Agra is one of the most important historical and ancient cities of India. This handsome town situated in the holy region of Brij Bhoomi, on the right bank of river Yamuna. In ancient days the city was fortified hiving sixteen gates and it was the frontier defense of the Aryans.

Agra City Brief Five thousand years ago, during the days of Mahabarta, the city was known as Agraban. Some historians are of the opinion that it was founded by Maharaja Ugersen and was named after his own name. After that the name was spoilt and lastly it was known as Agra. Anyhow Agra is, in fact, an ancient city.

In the year 1475 A.D. Badal Singh, a Kshatrya hero, had built a fort for defence against Mohhammedan invasion and called it as Badalgarh. (Emperor Akbar after demolishing the Badalgarh acquired the same place for construction of his grand fort). Afterwards in 1492 AQ.D. Sikander Lodi of the Lodi dynasty inhabited a city known as Sikandra which is at a distance of 8 Km of the present city. In 1526 A.D. Babar, the great Mughal defeated the last king of Lodi dynasty--Ibraham Lodi and Agra also went into the hands of Moghuls. Though Barbar did not much appreciate Agra as his headquarters of the empire because he had come from a cold place and it was a very hot place for him, but still he proffered to let remain Agra as the capital of his empire . Late on Emperor Akbar founded the present city in 1566 A.D. There after ruling 100 years it rose into prominence and developed a great deal.

Agra is a very heavy railway junction of the Indian Railway, connecting this city with all the places of the country. It was four main railway station as Agra Fort, Agra city, Raja-ki Mandi and Agra Cantonment. It has got an excellent aerodrome. As Agra has its own university it was a great centre of education. It contains a large numbers of hotels, restaurants clubs, banks, colleges, libraries, hospitals etc.

Agra city is very famouse for its art and crafts. Stone work of this place has acquired world-wide fame. It is renowned for its pure silken fabrics, leather works, daris and carpets. Embroideries worked with silk, gold and silver threads is the excellent industry of the city. Models of the Taj exquisites in marble are sent to every nook and corner of the world.

Being an old city its streets and lanes are narrow and crowdy . But the suburb areas being open and spacious have up-to-date, airy and stylish buildings. The city has been far extended and is now becoming prosperous gradually.

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